Snapshot: ZCHS PTO awards grants

  • CIZ-COM-0425-PTO Grants 2
    ZCHS English teacher Ann Bender, center, celebrated with her students after being awarded a PTO grant for her department to purchase sensory objects for cadet teaching .
  • CIZ-COM-0425-PTO Grants 1
    ZCHS special education teacher Katie O’Brien, middle, received a grant to download audio books for iPods purchased with a previous grant. Also pictured are PTO treasurer Becky Culp, left, and PTO President Laura Williams.
  • CIZ-COM-0425-PTO Grants 3
    ZCHS PTO Treasurer Becky Culp, left, and PTO President Laura Williams, right, offer special education teacher Jenny Morrison a grant for the Bongo Boys to attend ZCHS and perform and interact with special needs students.
  • CIZ-COM-0425-PTO Grants 4
    ZCHS physical education teacher Julie Speer, middle, received a grant presentation from Laura Williams, left, and Becky Culp to provide head immobilizers and body straps to use for safety instruction in the pool.

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