Snapshot: Pearson Automotive Tennis Club now open

  • CIZ-DOUGH-0314-Tennis1
    Pearson Automotive Tennis Club, 4650 S. 875 E., held its grand opening March 4. From left, Robin Murphy, Taylor Nasser and Roxanne Murphy provide information on the club. (Photos by Anna Skinner)
  • CIZ-DOUGH-0314-Tennis2
    Steve Rothstein sells tennis equipment.
  • CIZ-DOUGH-0314-Tennis4
    From left, John Demaree, Keith Bean, Doug Barry, Kurt Ehrhardt, Jeff Johnston and James Lao practice at the club.
  • CIZ-DOUGH-0314-Tennis5
    James Lao plays tennis.
  • CIZ-DOUGHl-0314-Tennis3
    Taylor Nasser pauses at the event with a jumbo tennis racket.

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